Thursday, October 30, 2008

black / noir

I guess all black with a splash of color is my go-to outfit.

headband: diy, shirt: horrorpops, bag: betsey johnson, scarf: mom's, jeans: forever 21, flats: from China

and just for fun...
my brother made me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

j'ai besoin...

(j'ai besoin d'un nouveau appareil de photo et nouveaux tights)

I officially have a lookbook now, muchos gracias to M...

I've realized that my camera sucks quite a bit. Half my pictures come out insanely blurry, and I apologize. I also need new BLACK TIGHTS! I've already gone through two pairs since August...they get holes so easily. Is there some secret to this? Should I just get more expensive ones? It's so obnoxious though.

my new(ish) coat. I got it on sale last spring but I hadn't had a chance to wear it until last week. Like I said before, my camera sucks. The coat is a lot brighter in real life, and half the buttons aren't obscenely shiny.

shirt: dad's, tee: diy, shorts: diy, tights: Marshall's, shoes: Converse

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

first impressions

I'm not going to write out a lengthy introduction right now. Maybe later, who knows?

I went down to broad ripple yesterday with A and H and got some stu
ff, including these new clear-lens fake glasses, which are probably one of the most useless things I've ever bought, but they're pretty awesome.

My new converse also came in the mail! Extra high black (suede?) lined with tweed.

but this is what I wore yesterday...

jacket: split, scarf: H&M, buttons: H&M, shirt: oreskaband, belt: some guy in NYC, shorts: target, leggings: some guy in Paris, shoes: converse, bag: loop design

The purse is awesome; it actually plays music. :)