Tuesday, November 4, 2008

it feels like summer

BREAKING NEWS: Alexander Mcqueen is designing a collection for Target that debuts in March!! It's not GO international, it's something different...but basically the same. I'm pretty excited....
(source: fashionista)

Seriously. It's so warm and sunny and nice outside.
Today's election day! I hope all you guys who were able to voted, even if it was basically over last week...but it's important. Tomorrow I'm turning 16 :]]

I love these shoes. I've had them since eighth grade, so three years. They're amazing.

sunglasses: thrifted, cardigan: old navy, dress: TJ Maxx, leggings: Paris, socks: gift, shoes: Converse, BICYCLE: dad's from the 80's :]

Bicycles are great, especially old turquoise ones. Agree?


  1. That cardigan is amazingg. And would you pretty please do a closeup on those shades?

    and happy advanced birthday! 16 is a greaaat age.

  2. no way!! amazing!! you look adorable!

  3. :O the news about Alexander are just soooooooooooo great!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for sharing..

  4. o ya i think you're adorable!! love the cardigan.. and ooooh Alexander Mcqueen.. CANT WAIT

  5. i did, thank you!! :D
    absolutely love them shoes! and the outfit!!
    and happy birthday! i'm 16 soon too, and i cant wait!! xx

  6. the last picture is adorable!

    La C

  7. SO EXCITED FOR ALEXANDER MCQUEEN!!!! i love your cardigan. very niiice